David Bradley, 8th Annual ODU Literary Festival


David Bradley

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Webb University Center

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David Bradley. Called by the San Francisco Examiner "a fine effort of documentary resuscitation making years of detective work pay off in a story that is loaded with the charge of authenticity.. .a very moving tale," Bradley's 1982 PEN/Faulkner award-winning novel, The Chaneysville Incident, has become a contemporary classic of American fiction. Bradley is also the author of one other novel, South Street, published in 1975, and of numerous articles and essays. Currently an associate professor of English at Temple University, Bradley has also been an editor and is on the Board of the Associated Writing Programs. Bradley will read with Reginald Gibbons on Wednesday afternoon.


Bradley read with Reginald Gibbons on Wednesday, October 9th, 1985 at 12:30 p.m.


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