Carol Houck Smith, 11th Annual ODU Literary Festival


Carol Smith

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Newport News Room, Webb Center

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Carol Houck Smith, a member of the Associated Writing Programs Board of Directors, is Vice President and Senior Editor in the trade department of W.W. Norton and Company, where she edits both fiction and a broad range of nonfiction. She has been a speaker at many workshops and conferences, including the Breadloaf Summer Workshop and the annual Writers at Work Conference in Park City, Utah. Of herself and her work as an editor, she says: "My own interests have attracted me to books about writing, and to at least one book, The Writer on Her Work, in which notable writers examine the rewards and vicissitudes of the writing life. Since I find encouraging new writers especially rewarding, I am also concerned about the vitality of the institutions that support them—the literary magazines and writing programs. Editorially I see myself as a facilitator, liaison between the aspirations of the writer and the realities of the marketplace."


Carol Houck Smith gave a talk on "The View from New York" at 3 p.m. on Thursday, October 5, in the Newport News Room of Webb Center.

At 3:45 she was joined by DeWitt Henry, Editor of Ploughshares literary magazine, for a question-and-answer session.


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