DeLoss McGraw, 15th Annual ODU Literary Festival


DeLoss McGraw

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University Gallery 765 Granby St.

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DeLoss McGraw's art has been exhibited, collected and reviewed throughout the United States and Europe. His many public collectors include the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library, The Whitney Museum of Art Library Collection, the Cranbrook Museum of Art, Harvard University, Oxford University's Bodleian Collection, and the Cincinnati Art Museum. Mr. McGraw has a long history of working from poetic texts, and has worked with a number of poets, including W.D. Snodgrass, Robert Phillips, Robert Hass, and Daniel Halpern. He has collaborated with W.D. Snodgrass since the early 1980's, and together they have released The Death of Cock Robin, To Shape a Song, W.D.‘s Midnight Carnival, and several collector's editions. DeLoss McGraw lives in San Diego with his four children.


McGraw had a slideshow of work presented on Sunday, October 4, 1992 at the University Gallery 765 Granby St from 2:00-3:30 p.m.


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