Matt Bell, 44th Annual ODU Literary Festival


Matt Bell


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Matt Bell’s latest novel, Appleseed, was released in July 2021 from Custom House. His craft book Refuse to Be Done, a guide to novel writing, rewriting, and revision, will follow in early 2022 (Soho Press). He also wrote the novels Scrapper and In the House upon the Dirt between the Lake and the Woods, as well as the short story collection A Tree or a Person or a Wall, a nonfiction book about the classic video game Baldur’s Gate II, and several other titles. A native of Michigan, he teaches creative writing at Arizona State University.


Tuesday, October 5, 12:30 p.m.

Kent Wascom, Festival co-director, welcomed the audience and announced James Valliere as the winner of the Jerri Dickseski Fiction Prize for Graduate Students. James introduced Matt Bell.

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