Date of Award

Summer 2000

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

Committee Director

Jen-Kuang Huang

Committee Member

Sebastian Bawab

Committee Member

Keith M. Williamson

Committee Member

Cheng Y. Lin


In this work, a new adaptive motion control scheme for robust performance control of robot manipulators is presented. The proposed scheme is designed by combining the fuzzy logic control with the sliding mode control based on extended Kalman filter. Fuzzy logic controllers have been used successfully in many applications and were shown to be superior to the classical controllers for some nonlinear systems. Sliding mode control is a powerful approach for controlling nonlinear and uncertain systems. It is a robust control method and can be applied in the presence of model uncertainties and parameter disturbances, provided that the bounds of these uncertainties and disturbances are known. We have designed a new adaptive Sliding Mode Fuzzy Control (SMFC) method that requires only position measurements. These measurements and the input torques are used in an extended Kalman filter (EKF) to estimate the inertial parameters of the full nonlinear robot model as well as the joint positions and velocities. These estimates are used by the SMFC to generate the input torques. The combination of the EKF and the SMFC is shown to result in a stable adaptive control scheme called trajectory-tracking adaptive robot with extended Kalman (TAREK) method. The theory behind TAREK method provides clear guidelines on the selection of the design parameters for the controller. The proposed controller is applied to a two-link robot manipulator. Computer simulations show the robust performance of the proposed scheme.


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