Date of Award

Summer 2012

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Aerospace Engineering

Committee Director

Thomas E. Alberts

Committee Member

Brett Newman

Committee Member

Colin P. Britcher

Committee Member

Robert L. Ash


In this thesis, the electrodynamics of a single axis hybrid electromagnetic suspension Maglev system was modeled and validated by applying it to a single axis hybrid maglev ball experiment. By exploring its linearized model, it was shown that the single axis hybrid Maglev ball has inherently unstable dynamics. Three control scenarios were explored based on the linearized model; (1) Proportional, Deferential (PD) control, (2) Proportional, Deferential, Integral (PID) and (3) PID controller with pre-filtering. This thesis has shown that a PID controller with a pre-filtering technique can stabilize such a system and provide a well-controlled response.

A parametric system identification technique was applied to fit the theoretically derived model to a single axis hybrid maglev ball experiment. It is known that the identified model has different model parameters than the theoretically "derived" parameters. This thesis has examined and discussed the deviation from the theoretical model. Importantly, it was shown that such a system can be identified by estimating the values of two parameters instead of five to increase the accuracy.

A Numerical nonlinear simulation was developed for the experiment based on the theoretically derived and experimentally identified model. This simulation was validated by real-time experiment outputs.