Date of Award

Summer 2016

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Aerospace Engineering

Committee Director

Drew Landman

Committee Member

Kenneth Toro

Committee Member

Resit Unal

Committee Member

Colin Britcher


The current wind tunnel check standard testing program at NASA Langley Research Center is focused on increasing data quality, uncertainty quantification and overall control and improvement of wind tunnel measurement processes. The statistical process control (SPC) methodology employed in the check standard testing program allows for the tracking of variations in measurements over time as well as an overall assessment of facility health. While the SPC approach can and does provide researchers with valuable information, it has certain limitations in the areas of process improvement and uncertainty quantification. It is thought by utilizing design of experiments methodology in conjunction with the current SPC practices that one can efficiently and more robustly characterize uncertainties and develop enhanced process improvement procedures. In this research, methodologies were developed to generate regression models for wind tunnel calibration coefficients, balance force coefficients and wind tunnel flow angularities. The coefficients of these regression models were then tracked in statistical process control charts, giving a higher level of understanding of the processes. The methodology outlined is sufficiently generic such that this research can be applicable to any wind tunnel check standard testing program.