Date of Award

Fall 2016

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Committee Director

Han Bao

Committee Member

Miltiadis Kotinis

Committee Member

Ghaith Rabdi


Obsolescence has been a constant issue for process planners and designers and if not properly accounted for, obsolescence can become an expensive issue. As systems become more complex, interconnected, and nonhomogeneous, separate studies of single groups of equipment are no longer sufficient in modeling the obsolescence of the systems that they make up. The purpose of this dissertation is to model the likelihood of a process's design becoming obsolescent given the obsolescent behavior of the equipment used to complete the process. The methodology discussed in this work is based on a combination of using a systems engineering tool called the DSM (Design Structure Matrix) and a technological forecasting tool known as the growth curve to simulate the duration and cost of completing a process, and to determine if the process'sdesign will keep its utility as it ages.


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Rogers Case Study

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Original DSMRS

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Dist. Bounds