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34th Annual AIAA/USU Small Satellite Conference, Virtual, 2020


It is evident that space debris is a growing concern, particularly in the low altitude Earth orbits, and if not addressed in time, may have a drastic socio-economic impact on civilization. This paper describes the Glue-infused Rotating Nanofibers Net (GRoNNet), a novel debris capturing system for pico/nano/micro-satellites (PNMSats). GRoNNet is designed as a modular, cost-effective system with the capability to capture target debris in multiple attempts and expedite its re-entry by attaching a debris mitigation system. It may be best described by comparing it with a chameleon’s tongue but several hundreds/thousands of them infused with a thick honey-like viscous adhesive in a rotary configuration, so as to adhere strongly with target debris even at the slightest contact.


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Raibagi, S. M., Monteiro, P. S., Pallam, R. K., Murthy, A. A., & Gadag, A. G. (2020). Glue-infused rotating nanofibers net (GRoNNet) for capturing space debris - A novel debris capturing system 34th Annual AIAA/USU Small Satellite Conference, Virtual, 2020.