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Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Science and Technology






2022022 (1-6)


Electroosmosis is one of the most used actuation mechanisms for the microfluidics in the current active lab-on-chip devices. It is generated on the induced charged microchannel walls in contact with an electrolyte solution. Electrode distribution plays the key role on providing the external electric field for electroosmosis, and determines the performance of electroosmotic microfluidics. Therefore, this paper proposes a topology optimization approach for the electrodes of electroosmotic microfluidics, where the electrode layout on the microchannel wall can be determined to achieve designer desired microfluidic performance. This topology optimization is carried out by implementing the interpolation of electric insulation and electric potential on the specified walls of microchannels. To demonstrate the capability of this approach, one typical electroosmotic device, i.e., electroosmotic micropump, is modeled with several electrode layouts derived. And this approach permits potential applications in chemicals and biochemistry due to its outstanding capability on determining the performance of electrokinetic microfluidics.


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Sun, J., Zhang, J., Guan, C., Zhou, T., Qian, S., & Deng, Y. (2023, 2022-08-01). Topologically optimized electrodes for electroosmotic actuation. Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Science and Technology, 3(1), 1-6, Article 2022022.