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Journal of the Acoustical Society of America








It is known that the exact analytic solutions of wave scattering by a circular cylinder, when they exist, are not in a closed form but in infinite series which converge slowly for high frequency waves. In this paper, a fast numerical solution is presented for the scattering problem in which the boundary integral equations, reformulated from the Helmholtz equation, are solved using a Fourier spectral method. It is shown that the special geometry considered here allows the implementation of the spectral method to be simple and very efficient. The present method differs from previous approaches in that the singularities of the integral kernels are removed and dealt with accurately. The proposed method preserves the spectral accuracy and is shown to have an exponential rate of convergence. Aspects of efficient implementation using FFT are discussed. Moreover, the boundary integral equations of combined single- and double-layer representation are used in the present paper. This ensures the uniqueness of the numerical solution for the scattering problem at all frequencies. Although a strongly singular kernel is encountered for the Neumann boundary conditions, it is shown that the hypersingularity can be handled easily in the spectral method. Numerical examples that demonstrate the validity of the method are also presented. © 1994, Acoustical Society of America.

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Hu, F. Q. (1994). A fast numerical solution of scattering by a cylinder: Spectral method for the boundary integral equations. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 96(6), 3693-3703. doi:10.1121/1.410559