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AIAA Aviation 2023 Forum, 12-16 June 2023, San Diego, California


Attempts to reduce jet noise began some 70 years ago. In the literature, there have been many publications written on this topic. By now, it is common knowledge that jet noise consists of a number of components. They possess different spectral and radiation characteristics and are generated by different mechanisms. It appears then that one may aim at the suppression of the noise of a single component instead of trying to reduce jet noise overall. The objective of the present project is to reduce large turbulence structures noise. It is the most dominant noise component radiating in the downstream direction. A rational way to start is to determine the location of the source of this component. To supplement the information provided by past experiments, a fairly comprehensive study of the noise source location, the characteristic features of the sound pulses, the size and structure of its turbulence source is carried out. The results are reported here. In addition, a large turbulence structures noise reduction scheme is proposed. Work needed to perform a proof-of-concept demonstration by numerical simulation are discussed. View Video Presentation:


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Tam, C. K., & Hu, F. Q. (2023) Jet noise reduction: A fresh start. AIAA Aviation 2023 Forum, San Diego, California.