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Physics of Fluids








We present the results of a study of the inviscid two-dimensional spatial stability of a parallel compressible mixing layer in a binary gas. The parameters of this study are the Mach number of the fast stream, the ratio of the velocity of the slow stream to that of the fast stream, the ratio of the temperatures, the composition of the gas in the slow stream and in the fast stream, and the frequency of the disturbance wave. The ratio of the molecular weight of the slow stream to that of the fast stream is found to be an important quantity and is used as an independent variable in presenting the stability characteristics of the flow. It is shown that differing molecular weights have a significant effect on the neutral-mode phase speeds, the phase speeds of the unstable modes, the maximum growth rates, and the unstable frequency range of the disturbances. The molecular weight ratio is a reasonable predictor of the stability trends. We have further demonstrated that the normalized growth rate as a function of the convective Mach number is relatively insensitive (≈25%) to changes in the composition of the mixing layer. Thus, the normalized growth rate is a key element when considering the stability of compressible mixing layers, since once the basic stability characteristics for a particular combination of gases is known at zero Mach number, the decrease in growth rates due to compressibility effects at the larger convective Mach numbers is somewhat predictable. (C) 1996 American Institute of Physics.

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Kozusko, F., Lasseigne, D. G., Grosch, C. E., & Jackson, T. L. (1996). The stability of compressible mixing layers in binary gases. Physics of Fluids, 8(7), 1954-1963. doi:10.1063/1.868974