Innocents Abroad Too: Journeys Around the World on Semester at Sea


Innocents Abroad Too: Journeys Around the World on Semester at Sea



Most people don't get the opportunity to circumnavigate the globe. Michael Pearson has had the good fortune to do it twice. As a two-term professor in the Semester at Sea Program, Pearson journeyed by ship in 2002 and 2006 to such countries as Japan, China, Vietnam, India, Myanmar, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa, and Cuba. In Innocents Abroad Too he shares his experiences and candid impressions transporting the reader to bustling streets outside Shanghai's City God Temple to the Serengeti Plain. Along the way Pearson provides a literary journey, enriching his encounters with descriptions of the great books and great writers who have also brought the world closer to their readers. These touchstones are combined with journalistic sketches of the people and places he visits and Pearson's thoughtful meditations on the significance of travel and the importance of encountering the new. In the rich tradition of travel literature Innocents Abroad Too offers a blend of experience and imagination, worlds familiar and strange, seen through the eyes of a true traveler. []



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Syracuse University Press


Syracuse, NY


Autobiography, Literary criticism, Memoir, Travel narrative


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