2022 MSV Student Capstone Conference

The 15th annual MSV Student Capstone Conference 2022 was held on April 14th in-person at the Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center (ODU-VMASC)

The Conference features student research and student projects that are central to MSV. Students present their research to an audience of fellow students, faculty, judges and other distinguished guests. For the students, these presentations afford them the opportunity to impart their innovative research to members of the MSV community from academic, industry and government backgrounds. The MSV Student Capstone conference offers 6 presentation tracks this year. Each track has two awards. The best paper and the best presentation. The overall winner of the conference will be honored with the Gene Newman award.

Capstone Conference Co-Chairs: Dr. Masha Sosonkina and Jessica Johnson

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Agenda: MSVSCC 2022
Education & Training
General Sciences & Engineering
Infrastructure Security / Military Application
Medical Simulation
Transportation, Business & Industry
Virtual Environments