Business & Industry : This track focuses on M&S methodologies and applications in areas related business and industry. A few to name are manufacturing, retail, banking, restaurants etc. Examples of research are, but are not limited to, enterprise decision support, operations research, optimization, forecasting, supply chain, queuing analysis, product design, testing, life cycle support, and more.

Transportation : This track includes applications of modeling and simulation to solving multimodal transportation problems. The development, validation, and application of microscopic and macroscopic traffic simulation, travel demand models, and hardware in the loop simulation are some of the research topics for surface (road) transportation. M&S application in the development of a reliable and sustainable public transportation system integrated within the urban development is another area. Simulations of port facilities, railroads, and the air transportation system are also included in this track.

2022 ODU CMSE Track Chair: Dr. Jim Leathrum
2022 ODU VMASC Track Chair: Dr. Rafael Diaz


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Thursday, April 14th

A Discussion on Supplier Selection Modeling Approaches

Sheida Etemadidavan, Old Dominion University
Andrew J. Collins, Old Dominion University

Risk-and-Resiliency-Intelligent Supply Chain (RRiSC)

Ahmad A. Abdelnabi, Old Dominion University
Ahmed M. Abdelmagid, Old Dominion University
Ghaith Rabadi, Old Dominion University
Andres Sousa-Poza, Old Dominion University
C. Ariel Pinto, Old Dominion University