This track encompasses the many different topics related to immersive environments and virtual reality issues. The track is looking for any topics related to either the development of such environments; the presentation requirements (visual and other) to make such environments accessible; and the effects of employing such environments to present information.

2022 VMASC Track Chair: Bratislav Cvijetic
2022 ODU Arts & Letters Track Chair: Dr. Kevin Moberly


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Thursday, April 14th

Engaging Human-in-the-Loop for Autonomous Vehicle Simulation

John di Battista, Old Dominion University
Christian Johnston, Old Dominion University
Valerie Randall, Old Dominion University
Jackson Shanahan, Old Dominion University

Implementing Virtual Reality Technology for Supporting Autonomous Vehicle-Pedestrian Behavioral and Interaction Research

Zizheng Yan, Old Dominion University

Real-Time External Labeling for Interactive Visualization in Virtual Environments

Shan Liu, Old Dominion University
Yuzhong Shen, Old Dominion University