Urban High-Resolution Remote Sensing: Algorithms and Modeling

Urban High-Resolution Remote Sensing: Algorithms and Modeling



With urbanization as a global phenomenon, there is a need for data and information about these terrains. Urban remote sensing techniques provide critical physical input and intelligence for preparing base maps, formulating planning proposals, and monitoring implementations. Likewise these methodologies help with understanding the biophysical properties, patterns, and process of urban landscapes, as well as mapping and monitoring urban land cover and spatial extent. Advanced sensor technologies and image processing methodologies such as deep learning, data mining, etc., facilitate the wide applications of remote sensing technology in urban areas. This book presents advanced image processing methods and algorithms focused on three very important roots of urban remote sensing: 3D urban modelling using different remotely sensed data, urban orthophotomap generation, and urban feature extraction, which are also today’s real challenges in high resolution remote sensing. Data generated by remote sensing, with its repetitive and synoptic viewing and multispectral capabilities, constitutes a powerful tool for mapping and monitoring emerging changes in the city's urban core, as well as in peripheral areas. [Amazon.com]



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Remote Sensing | Theory and Algorithms | Urban Studies and Planning

Urban High-Resolution Remote Sensing: Algorithms and Modeling

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