Date of Award

Spring 2012

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Computational Modeling & Simulation Engineering


Modeling and Simulation

Committee Director

Andreas Tolk

Committee Member

Frederic D. McKenzie

Committee Member

Patrick T. Hester

Committee Member

Robert H. Kewley, Jr.


Upon defining the terms modeling and simulation, it becomes apparent that there is a wide variety of different models, using different techniques, appropriate for different levels of representation for any one system to be modeled. Selecting an appropriate conceptual modeling technique from those available is an open question for the practitioner. Existing methods for describing techniques do not capture enough information about the expressive potential of those techniques such that an appropriate selection decision can be made. A formal method to describe conceptual modeling techniques that captures enough about the technique to distinguish it from others is identified as a way to address this gap in the body of knowledge. Such a formal method is derived, and is given additional expressive strength in the special area of dynamic components of conceptual modeling techniques. Application of the formal method to actual conceptual modeling techniques is exhibited, and the capacity of the method to also identify the potential for extension of an existing method is also exhibited. Measures of merit, designed to evaluate the derived method, are tested and shown to be satisfied.


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