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Proceedings of CCRTS 2009: The Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium, June 15-17, Washington, DC, USA




Systems engineering and project management are two core engineering management processes supported by core quantitative disciplines within engineering management problems. Traditional approaches to systems engineering focus on a single system being engineered and managed (i.e., project managed), while challenges addressing composition of systems of systems and the reuse of systems for new solutions require a strategic management approach that promote a process flow in which the outputs of one project (e.g., deliverables, knowledge, work documents) are captured for the benefit of other projects within and outside the project-based organization. Two other core processes of engineering management are therefore critical to be incorporated into this process flow: knowledge management and strategic management. Consequently, when applying complex simulation system or federations of simulation systems for experimentation, knowledge management and strategic management are needed. The NATO Code of Best Practice (COBP) for Command and Control Assessment is dealing with similar challenges. Within a project in support of PEO Soldier, Old Dominion University and the United States Military Academy developed new system engineering processes in support of system selection and orchestration that allow merging the knowledge and strategic management ideas with NATO's recommended best practices.


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Tolk, A., R.E. Landaeta, R.H. Kewley, and T.T. Litwin (2009). Utilizing Strategic Project Management Processes and the NATO Code of Best Practice to Improve Management of Experimentation Events. Proceedings of CCRTS 2009: the Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium, June 15–17, Washington, DC, USA.


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