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Proceedings of CCRTS 2008: The Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium



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13th International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium: C2 for Complex Endeavors


Net-centric services shall be designed to collaborate with other services used within the supported Community of Interest (COI). This requires that such services not only be integratable on the technical level and interoperable on the implementation level, but also that they are composable in the sense that they are semantically and pragmatically consistent and able to exchange information in a consistent and unambiguous way.

In order to support Command-and-Control with Composable Net-centric Services, the human-machine interoperation must be supported as well as the machine-machine interoperation. This paper shows that techniques of computer linguistic can support the human-machine interface by structuring human-oriented representations into machine-oriented regular expressions that implement the unambiguous data exchange between machines. Distinguishing between these two domains is essential, as some requirements are mutually exclusive. In order to get the "best of both worlds," an aligned approach based on a COI model is needed. This COI model starts with the partners and their respective services and business processes, identifies the resulting infrastructure components, and derives the information exchange requirements. Model-based Data Engineering leads to the configuration of data exchange specifications between the services in form of an artificial language comprising regular expressions for the machine-machine communication. Computer linguistic methods are applied to accept and generate human-oriented representations, which potentially extend the information exchange specifications to capture new information not represented in the system requirements.

The paper presents the framework that was partially applied for homeland security applications and in support of the joint rapid scenario generation activities of US Joint Forces Command. .


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Tolk, A. and S.Y. Diallo (2008) Community-of-Interest (COI) Model-based Languages enabling Composable Net-centric Services. Proceedings of CCRTS 2008: The Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium, June 17-19, Bellevue, WA, USA.


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