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IEEE Access




81173 - 81189


Truckload spot rate (TSR), defined as a price offered on the spot to transport a certain cargo by using an entire truck on a target transportation line, usually price per kilometer-ton, is a key factor in shaping the freight market. In particular, the prediction of short-term TSR is of great importance to the daily operations of the trucking industry. However, existing predictive practices have been limited largely by the availability of multilateral information, such as detailed intraday TSR information. Fortunately, the emerging online freight exchange (OFEX) platforms provide unique opportunities to access and fuse more data for probing the trucking industry. As such, this paper aims to leverage the high-resolution trucking data from an OFEX platform to forecast short-term TSR. Specifically, a lagged coefficient weighted matrix-based multiple linear regression modeling (Lag-WMR) is proposed, and exogenous variables are selected by the light gradient boosting (LGB) method. This model simultaneously incorporates the dependency between historical and current TSR (temporal correlation) and correlations between the rates on alternative routes (between-route correlation). In addition, the effects of incorporating temporal and between-route correlations, time-lagged correlation and exogenous variable selection in modeling are emphasized and assessed through a case study on short-term TSR in Southwest China. The comparative results show that the proposed Lag-WMR model outperforms autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) model and LGB in terms of model fitting and the quality and stability of predictions. Further research could focus on rates' standardization, to define a practical freight index for the trucking industry. Although our results are specific to the Chinese trucking market, the method of analysis serves as a general model for similar international studies.

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Xiao, W., Xu, C., Liu, H., Yang, H., & Liu, X. (2020). Short-term truckload spot rates’ prediction in consideration of temporal and between-route correlations. IEEE Access, 8, 81173 - 81189.