Date of Award

Spring 5-2022

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Degree Name

Master of Music Education (MME)





Committee Director

Douglas T. Owens

Committee Member

Nancy K. Klein

Committee Member

Taryn K. Raschdorf


The purpose of this study was to discuss topics of classroom management as it relates to the experience and training of pre-service music educators. Topics reviewed in the discussion include issues of mentorship, pre-service teacher training, experiential learning, student teaching experiences, conducting knowledge, and confidence in pre-service music educators. This research project was granted an IRB exemption by the Old Dominion University College of Arts and Letters.

The participants in the research survey were choral music educators who had accumulated one through 40 years of teaching experience. The participants were graduates of a music education degree program, or a music degree program with a teaching certificate. The survey was completed using Qualtrics and the responses to several questions were analyzed using NVivo. The survey was limited to participants in the United States. All participants acknowledged the informed consent statement.

The participants responded to questions about mentorship, including their experience as a mentored pre-service music educator or a mentor for pre-service educators. Several questions referred to the participants’ understanding of conducting experience as it relates to classroom management, and their perceived ability to employ classroom management strategies. The 25 survey questions were intended to provide data on current practices for music educator preparation programs to assist in the development of classroom management skills. The results of the survey echo current research in literature related to classroom management training.




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