Date of Award

Summer 8-2022

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Degree Name

Master of Music Education (MME)





Committee Director

Douglas T. Owens

Committee Member

Nancy K. Klein

Committee Member

Taryn K. Raschdorf


The purpose of this study was to learn how music educators create inclusivity in their classroom and how to better do that without potentially alienating the students with disabilities. For this study, inclusivity is defined as providing an equal opportunity for participation and education in the classroom. It is also to bring more awareness to disabilities and how they can and should be managed in the classroom. The goal for this study is to aid in informing educators on how to enable students with disabilities to be included without feeling alienated or having undue attention drawn to them.

As the study is focused on strategies to work with students with disabilities, the subjects in this study were PreK-12 music educators. The music educators in this study had varied levels of teaching experience. The age of the subjects ranged from 21 to 69 years.

The subjects answered questions on communication with and about students with disabilities, the inclusivity of their music classroom, and about their observation of their students’ feelings of alienation. These questions were intended to provide data on what is being done currently in the music classroom for and to students with disabilities

Most of the music educator subjects stated that they work hard to include their students with disabilities and accommodate them. The music educators felt that they had the ability to communicate with and about their students with disabilities and were adequately educated to communicate with their students with disabilities and about their students with disabilities.