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Spring 5-2015

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Master of Music Education (MME)





Committee Director

Douglas T. Owens

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Nancy K. Klein

Committee Member

James W. Kosnik


Movement, breath, and intense focus are crucial to the playing of any musical instrument. In addition, these are important areas in many wellness methods. Many harpists are prone to injury from playing, moving their harps, sitting with poor posture, and not warming up the body before playing. By considering and incorporating the wellness practices of ergonomics, Alexander Technique, yoga, meditation, and constructing a conducive learning and practicing environment, the risk of injury may be lowered for harpists. The purpose of this study is to research and present various methods in which harpists can prevent injury. This study will assess the incorporation of wellness into harp pedagogy that involves movement and the prevention of injury, while aiming to support a calm, healthy, and proficient musician. The beginning stages and philosophies of ergonomics, Alexander Technique, yoga, meditation and how they may be applied to harp pedagogy and harpists' routines are discussed within.

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Special Collections LD4331.M87 C35 2015


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