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Music Performance

Date of Performance

Fall 11-24-2019


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About the Performer(s)


Ivin Bellamy, bass, will perform the Benedictus. He is a junior who participates in basketball, volleyball, track and field, orchestra and chorus. He plans to at-tend the University of North Carolina majoring in music.

Kiyah Bracy, soprano, performs as soloist on the Kyrie. She is a senior who par-ticipates in theatre and chorus. She plans on attending Georgia State University with a major in human biology, aspiring to be a pediatric surgeon.

Taniyah Colter, soprano, sings as soloist on the Gloria. She is a senior and is the vice president of the choral program. She hopes to attend college to major in psychology and minor in vocal music. Her goal is to become a psychologist.

Alona Fransis, soprano, is heard today as soloist on the piece Benedictus. She is a junior who participates in the marching band, and chorus. In the future, she plans to attend Regent University and major in criminal justice.

Christopher Freeman, bass, is heard as soloist on the Gloria. He is a senior who participates in volleyball, chorus, enjoys writing and plans to attend Norfolk State University for psychology.

Markle Juste, tenor, will perform the Benedictus. Markle is a senior who partici-pates in the theatre program and chorus. After high school, he would like to be a merchant seaman.

Sidney Mapp, soprano, will solo on the Gloria. As a sophomore, she is in volley-ball, chorus, and enjoys reading. She plans to attend the University of Virginia to become a nurse.

Savion White, bass, is a soloist on the Agnus Dei. Savion is a senior who partici-pates in volleyball and the Teens With a Purpose poetry club. After high school, he hopes to attend The American Musical and Dramatic Academy for music performance and production.

Jordan Wright, soprano, will perform as soloist on the Agnus Dei. Jordan is a junior who participates in chorus and enjoys drawing and writing. She plans is to attend Old Dominion University and major in graphic design.