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Rotating Resilience Roundtables Workshop


From Part 1. Purpose and significance

The first Rotating Resilience Roundtables event took place on October 11 and 12, 2018 on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg and was co-organized between the Coastal@VT initiative at Virginia Tech and Old Dominion University/Virginia Sea Grant Climate Adaptation and Resilience Program. It was designed to respond to the need for a cohesive and policy-relevant science that will align and coordinate efforts between researchers and other stakeholders to benefit the Commonwealth’s resilience planning for changing conditions in coastal zone. The Rotating Roundtables’ concept was selected to facilitate active engagement of audiences with different coastal themes, as well as to stimulate problem identification, critical thinking, and alignment between the real-time issues and research questions.


Contributing authors

Tom Allen (Old Dominion University), Brian Badgley (Virginia Tech), Anamaria Bukvic (Virginia Tech), Michelle Covi (Old Dominion University), Tom Crawford (Virginia Tech), Madeline Flint (Virginia Tech), Ashley Gordon (Hampton Roads Planning District Commission), Luke Juran (Virginia Tech), Ben McFarlane (Hampton Roads Planning District Commission), Molly Mitchell (William & Mary), Chris Neale (University of Virginia), Megan Rippy (Virginia Tech), Jenny Roe (University of Virginia), Todd Schenk (Virginia Tech), & Sarah Stafford (William & Mary)

Hosted by Coastal@VT initiative

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Bukvic, A., & Covi, M. (2018). Key priorities and university roles to address coastal resilience in Virginia: Findings from the Rotating Resilience Roundtables Workshop Fall 2018. 19pp.