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First two paragraphs from the Executive Overview:

This report, COVID-19 Evacuation and Sheltering Risk Perception Study, is one of several key science-based research efforts produced for the State reflecting the most current knowledge related to evacuation and sheltering behavior. The primary data source for this report are interviews with 2,200 households across ten localities in Hampton Roads, including the Eastern Shore. The findings – and recommendations – within this report are intended to inform and advance state and local evacuation and public shelter planning.

This report contains 31 specific recommendations (Action Items) that broadly advance coastal resilience and protect the health and wellbeing of Virginia residents. All citizens benefit from these recommendations; however, these recommendations especially advance the health and wellbeing of medically fragile and vulnerable populations. While progress has been made, disparities in health and wellbeing across Virginian’s populations persist. Expectedly, these differences are likely to be exacerbated by a catastrophic severe weather event, such as a hurricane with wind and surge flooding, during the time of a pandemic. These Action Items, when implemented, may be expected to lessen the disparate impacts of severe weather events, thus addressing issues of equity and social justice.


A Report Prepared for the Virginia Department of Emergency Management for VMASC Project 200334-010.


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