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White Paper

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Resilience Collaborative Occasional Paper Series No. 2017-2


The purpose of this study is to better inform research and practice in flood modeling by obtaining input from key end users on preferences for modeling approaches and model parameters, usability of flood models, and how information from flood models fit into decision making processes. We conducted a survey of stakeholders and end-users in the planning arena to identify their preferences for flood modeling scenarios and parameters. We also conducted a focus group with local emergency managers to understand how they would use predictive flood modeling for emergency management and planning.

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Yusuf, J.-E., Considine, C., Covi, M., Council, D., Loftis, J.D. (2017). Preferences for Modeling Scenarios and Parameters: The Perspective of Planners and Emergency Managers, Paper No. 1 in the Risk Communication and Public Engagement in Sea Level Rise Resilience Research Series. (Resilience Collaborative Occasional Paper Series No. 2017-2). Norfolk, VA: Old Dominion University Resilience Collaborative.


0000-0003-3599-1417 (Yusuf)