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White Paper

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Resilience Collaborative Occasional Paper Series No. 2017-3


Working with faculty and staff from Old Dominion University’s Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography, we developed a “straw man” website for users to sign up to receive flood alerts. The flood alert is based on tidal projections for the Sewell’s Point tide gauge available from the National Weather Service through the meteorological development laboratory ( and sends alerts for projected water level. We recruited study participants for one-on-one interviews. Participants were asked to interact with the flood alert signup interface and respond to specific questions about their preferences for flood alerts. We used findings of the one-on-one interviews to create profiles of flood alert users that could be used to inform development of flood alert systems and other flood communication tools.

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Yusuf, J.-E., Considine, C., Covi, M., Council, D., Loftis, J.D. (2017). Preferences for Modeling Scenarios and Parameters: The Perspective of Planners and Emergency Managers, Paper No. 1 in the Risk Communication and Public Engagement in Sea Level Rise Resilience Research Series. (Resilience Collaborative Occasional Paper Series No. 2017-2). Norfolk, VA: Old Dominion University Resilience Collaborative.


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