Date of Award

Summer 1980

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Ocean & Earth Sciences



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Ronald E. Johnson

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George Ofelt

Committee Member

John C. Ludwick

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Chester E. Grosch


Five days of observation were made of the current at four depths in a water depth of eight meters, and accompanying record of local wind one-half Kilometer from shore at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Coastal Engineering Research Center field facility at Duck, North Carolina beginning five May 1978. The current was measured with a state-of-the-art electromagnetic current meter having a 0.2-second response time and an accuracy of (+/-) 2 centimeters per second. At each depth a ten-minute record was made each hour with a sampling interval of one-eighth second. The frequency components of the record were analyzed and found to be essentially free from noise and bias. The record of one hundred and twenty (less five lost due to loss of amplifier power supply) ten-minute averages was also analyzed for frequency components. Semidiurnal and diurnal tidal components and quadratic curve trends were identified. Analyses by fast fourier transform revealed that the component of the wind perpendicular to the coast had significant coherence with the alongshore component of the current.


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