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Winter 2001

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Ocean & Earth Sciences



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Donald J. P. Swift

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David R. Basco

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Ronald E. Johnson

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Christopher W. Reed


Coastal ocean morphodynamics is the study of the morphological change of the coastal ocean system. Environmental conditions, such as climatic and geological controls, are exogenous inputs of the system, which are responsible for geographic variation among coastal oceans. In the coastal ocean system, coastal morphological changes are the results of a series of morphodynamical processes. In this treatise, quantitative, dynamical sedimentary models are developed to provide an analytical understanding of morphodynamical processes in coastal ocean environments. These dynamical sedimentary models numerically simulate the sedimentary processes over a range of time scales from an event time scale, based on the fundamental physics of sediment dynamics in coastal ocean environment, to a longer, facies time scale. The abandoned Yellow River delta of China and the Eel River continental shelf of northern California are chosen as study areas. These model simulated geologic processes serve to test the hypotheses concerning the processes that are responsible for the coastal stability of abandoned Yellow River underwater delta and event stratigraphy formation on the northern California continental shelf.


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