Date of Award

Summer 1979

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Master of Science (MS)


Ocean & Earth Sciences



Committee Director

Anthony J. Provenzano

Committee Member

Chester E. Grosch

Committee Member

Harris H. White

Committee Member

Phil Wohl

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Special Collections LD4331.O35G45


Temporal and spatial distributions of marine cladocera in the lower Chesapeake Bay estuary were observed over a year-long sampling period. The distributions of cladoceran species throughout the Bay were studied in relation to temperature and salinity. A survey of the species over the entire Bay is included to establish distribution patterns of the various species during a short time period.

Theoretical mathematical principles were used to predict feeding abilities of the Bay species. Mouthparts are described qualitatively and quantitatively to infer function. A mandibular index developed by Itoh (1970) was revised and employed in evaluating feeding methods interspecifically and interspecifically.

Illustrations of primary and secondary feeding structures were made and used for taxonomic verification of the species. Discrepancies in keys prepared for geographically isolated populations by workers in various parts of the United States, Russia, and South America necessitated a re-evaluation of fundamental taxonomic characteristics to include modifications for Bay species noted during the course of the present study.


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