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Spring 1981

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Master of Science (MS)


Ocean & Earth Sciences



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Anthony J. Provenzano

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Philip Mundy

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Raymond S. Birdsong

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Daniel Dauer

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Special Collections LD4331.O35 H42


Juvenile brown (Penaeus aztecus, Ives) and white (Penaeus setiferus, Linnaeus) shrimp were collected from two stations of a nursery area in St. Louis Bay Mississippi, during May to October, 1979. Periods of shrimp recruitment and growth were determined to discern whether the concurrent environmental variables of salinity and temperature had an influence on shrimp abundance and yield. Growth estimates were obtained from length frequency measurements of trawl samples taken over a 24-h period per month from each station. An analysis of variance of length versus the variables of sex, month, station, time of day, salinity and temperature was run for each species. Station, month, and month-·sex were found significant (P≤ .05) for both species. Additionally, sex and station-month were found significant (P≤ .05) for P. aztecus. A multiple regression of number of shrimp versus salinity, temperature, and salinity and temperature revealed that shrimp number significantly ( P≤ .05) varies with changes in salinity in P. aztecus. Temperature appeared to have little effect on shrimp abundance and productivity.


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