Date of Award

Spring 1984

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Master of Science (MS)


Ocean & Earth Sciences



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Phillip R. Mundy

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John McConaugha

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Edward Markowski

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Special Collections LD4331.O35H555


The seasonality of Virginia's weakfish fishery is quantitatively defined by providing a mean time of catch and variance of catch for the years 1960 - 1981. On the average. the central half of the population is available for harvest from mid-May through September in all of Virginia's waters and the mean date of harvest is July 20th • The 22 year average variance of catch for Virginia's waters is 3.97. In Virginia's Chesapeake Bay tributaries the mean date of harvest is July 17th and the 22 year average variance of catch is 2.50. There is evidence for an inverse relationship between the mean date of harvest and variance of catch for both Chesapeake Bay tributaries and all of Virginia's waters. In Virginia's waters only. the variance of catch is proportional to the magnitude of harvest. The average semi-annual price per pound does not appear to be related to the mean day of catch.


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