Date of Award

Fall 1985

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Master of Science (MS)


Ocean & Earth Sciences



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Ronald E. Johnson

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Chester E. Grosch

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John Ludwick

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Donald Murphy

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Special Collections LD4331.O35W64


A study of the eddy population in the Newfoundland Basin region over the period from November 1981 to December 1984 was conducted. The study was undertaken to demonstrate the importance and basic character of eddy motion in the area patrolled by the International Ice Patrol. This is a descriptive study and no rigorous mathematical solutions are attempted. Data was collected on the number of eddies in the area, their average duration and size, formation, migration and deterioration patterns and rotational velocity. Satellite infrared imagery maintained by National Weather Service and Naval Eastern Oceanographic Center, Canadian Forces METOC Center sea surface temperature data and Tiros Ocean Drifter buoys and Side Looking Airborne Radar imagery maintained by the International Ice Patrol formed the basis for the investigation. This study indicates that eddies are ubiquitous in the area and that they are concentrated in the areas around the Newfoundland Ridge and the Seamounts. They drift to the west after formation. The Labrador Current generates eddies as well as the North Atlantic Current. The characteristics of the average eddy found in the area are presented.


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