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Summer 1987

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Master of Science (MS)


Ocean & Earth Sciences



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Carvel H. Blair

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Chester E. Grosch

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Ronald E. Johnson

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Special Collections LD4331.O35W544


A laboratory investigation was designed to test the ability of a tidal Froude model operated according to the minimum Reynolds number criterion of 1400 to simulate the longitudinal dispersion of its turbulent, laboratory prototype in the absence of depth distortion and density stratification. To examine the model's performance, comparative tracer-dye dispersion tests were conducted in the model and in the prototype to determine spatial and temporal longitudinal dye distributions. Froude similitude of cross-sectional mean tide heights and current velocities was achieved. The minimum Reynolds number criterion did not guarantee turbulent flow throughout all tidal stages, prolonged periods of laminar flow existed near times of slack current in the model. Similitude of longitudinal dispersion was not achieved, longitudinal dispersion was exaggerated in the model. The results of this investigation indicate that tidal Froude models operated according to the minimum Reynolds number criterion and validated for similitude of mean tidal motion can be expected to produce laminar viscous effects which are not present in the prototype and to magnify longitudinal dispersion as a result of laminar viscous scale effects.


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