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Fall 1992

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Master of Science (MS)


Ocean & Earth Sciences



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Ramesh Venkatakrishnan

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G. Richard Whittecar

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Ali Nowroozi

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Special Collections LD4331.G4B46


Yields of new water wells in areas underlain by the Petersburg Granite in Chesterfield County, Virginia should improve if procedures for site selection and well construction follow the new guidelines proposed. These guidelines integrate analyses of aerial photo linears and drainage patterns, survey of bedrock joints and shallow geophysical properties and techniques using several statistical methods.

Throughout the study area, fracture traces form in nearly the same orientation as bedrock fractures. The dominant N-S and E-W trending bedrock joints also corresponded to aerial photo linears of similar orientation.

Across one large fracture zone, both gamma-ray and electrical resistivity surveys reveal anomalies that suggest the presence of water-bearing bedrock fractures. The geophysical profiles show an apparent resistivity and total gamma-ray lows corresponding to the fracture trace.


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