The Relationship of Bottom Sediments to the Current-Generated Topography on Crumps Bank and Willoughby Bank, Southern Chesapeake Bay, Virginia

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Master of Science (MS)


Ocean & Earth Sciences



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Peter Fleischer

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Ronald E. Johnson

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Loyal Bouchard

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Crumps Bank and Willoughby Bank in Southern Chesapeake Bay are an area of varying topography. The area is bounded by two large bridge-tunnel spans, the dredged Thimble Shoal Channel borders it to the north, and the Ocean View section of Norfolk, Virginia lies to the south. The purpose of this investigation is to determine the relationship of the bottom sediments of Crumps Bank and Willoughby the current-generated topography, and that this topography is the result of tidal currents.

The bathymetry, bottom sediment characteristics, bottom tidal currents, and the correlation of depth to various sediment parameters were examined to determine the relationship of bottom sediments to topography.

The near-bottom tidal currents around Crumps Bank and Willoughby Bank are sufficient to erode and transport sediment. In shallow areas wave action enhances the action of tidal currents. Ir. addition, Crumps Bank and Willoughby Bank are formed by the mutual evasion of ebb and flood tidal flow.


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