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The OOI Biogeochemical Sensor Data Best Practices and User Guide is intended to provide current and prospective users of data generated by biogeochemical sensors deployed on the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) arrays with the information and guidance needed for them to ensure that the data is science-ready. This guide is aimed at researchers with an interest or some experience in ocean biogeochemical processes. We expect that users of this guide will have some background in oceanography, however we do not assume any prior experience working with biogeochemical sensors or their data. While initially envisioned as a “cookbook” for end users seeking to work with OOI biogeochemical (BGC) sensor data, our Working Group and Beta Testers realized that the processing required to meet the specific needs of all end users across a wide range of potential scientific applications and combinations of OOI BGC data from different sensors and platforms couldn’t be synthesized into a single “recipe”. We therefore provide here the background information and principles needed for the end user to successfully identify and understand all the available “ingredients” (data), the types of “cooking” (end user processing) that are recommended to prepare them, and a few sample “recipes” (worked examples) to support end users in developing their own “recipes” consistent with the best practices presented here. This is not intended to be an exhaustive guide to each of these sensors, but rather a synthesis of the key information to support OOI BGC sensor data users in preparing science-ready data products. In instances when more in-depth information might be helpful, references and links have been provided both within each chapter and in the Appendix.


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Palevsky, H., Clayton, S., Atamanchuk, D., Battisti, R., Batryn, J., Bourbonnais, A., Briggs, E. M., Carvalho, F., Chase, A. P., Eveleth, R., Fatland, R., Fogaren, K. E., Fram, J. P., Hartman, S. E., Le Bras, I., C.M. Manning, C., Needoba, J. A., Neely, M. B., Oliver, H., . . . Wingard, C. (2022). OOI Biogeochemical Sensor Data: Best Practices and User Guide, Version 1.0.0. Ocean Observatories Initiative, Biogeochemical Sensor Data Working Group, 134 pp. http://dx.doi.org/10.25607/OBP-1865