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Electrometallurgical industries comprise an important segment of the world's manufacture of metal products. These industries involve three major categories: electrowinnowing, electrorefining and electroplating. Electrowinnowing consists of purifying raw ore to a relatively pure metal by electrolysis. Extraction of aluminum from bauxite is an example. Electrorefining involves electrolysis of metallic solutions to recover or produce extremely pure metal. Recovery of precious metals is often done by electrorefining. Electroplating involves the coating of one metal or object with another metal for various reasons. The chief reasons are the protection of a part from corrosion or its beautification. Another type of electroplating is done to repair or replace worn surfaces and in some cases to form an entirely new metal surface for some nonmetallic object. This last type of electroplating is generally called electroforming.1 This article will be concerned with electroplating.


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