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Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death for children under 14 years of age. Of the unintentional injuries, a significant portion occurs within the home setting. Creating a safe home environment for children has become a focus in current efforts for health promotion and injury prevention. Our objective is to enhance caregivers’ knowledge of home safety thus decreasing the incidence of childhood unintentional injuries. To this end, a series of educational workshops were conducted on poisoning, choking, furniture tip-over, scalds and burns. The material was presented via PowerPoint, videos, posters, handouts, demonstrations and return demonstrations. Verbal pre-and post tests and return demonstration were used to determine the effectiveness of these workshops. The number of participants from each workshop varied from 11 to 14. Pretests revealed that no more than 33% of the participants were able to give correct responses. This percentage increased to 75-100% for the posttests. Conclusions: Comparison of pre and posttest participant responses revealed increased knowledge of common childhood home injuries, prevention strategies, and how to respond should an injury occur. More studies should explore caregivers’ actual implementation of safety knowledge within the home environment.