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Nursing 363, Principles of Practice: Research as Foundation for Practice, is a required course in the undergraduate nursing curriculum at Old Dominion University. This course, offered every spring, focuses on the theories and concepts utilized in the scientific investigation of nursing practice. Students are introduced to scientific inquiry in nursing which forms the basis for nursing practice and theory. To meet course requirements, student groups create professional scientific research posters of their research proposal projects. What follows is a compilation of their research posters which were presented at the College of Health Sciences Interprofessional Poster Presentation day in the spring of 2017 and 2018. The research proposals address multiple community health issues such as illicit drug abuse in homeless adolescents, nutritional habits of school-aged children, and the perceived threat of nitrate-contaminated water in a rural community. From lessons learned from the research proposal projects, students are better equipped to design health promotion projects to improve health knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and the environments of the community.

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