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Good nutritional habits have been linked to increased overall health and wellness, therefore working with children has the greatest impact on their overall lifestyle and lifelong habits. Nutritional interventions decrease the risk of future health complications that can result in premature death. This study aims to evaluate the knowledge base of school-aged children sampled from an existing after-school nutrition education program and measure the efficacy of an additional two-step intervention. Our two-step intervention includes a content knowledge educational intervention on day one and a play-based learning intervention on day two to allow for knowledge acquisition and subsequent application of knowledge to improve retention. The intervention will be analyzed with a pre- and post-survey to evaluate the impact on the experimental group and to compare the intervention to a control group. We hope this intervention will yield positive attitudes toward healthy food choices. If so, similar interventions can be implemented in school and/or in after-school programs to help improve nutritional knowledge in children.

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