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This ideological analysis of the horror film, Get Out, directed by Jordan Peele investigates three major ideological aspects that are poignant to the film. The main ideology that will be examined is “colorblindness” also known as colorblind racism, which is the belief or attitude that denying the existence of race will cure racism and achieve racial equality. The two other sub-ideologies that will be examined are multicultural racism and post-racism, as they are both facets of colorblindness and work together to reinforce one another in society. Colorblindness is apparent in the film’s dialogue that reveal attitudes regarding interracial dating and how the characters in the film are not only blind to the challenges of being black in America, but how they are also ignorant to their own whiteness. Colorblind discourse uses race-neutral language which is another way colorblind ideology is manifested throughout the film. This analysis utilizes transcriptions and screenshot images from the film as a means of exposing the scenes in which these ideologies are salient. The structure of this paper is organized in six different parts. Part 1 gives a description of the ideological categories and subcategories. Part 2 is a description and brief summary of the ideological site. Part 3 consists of results and prose description of results, which is separated in sections relevant to their respective ideologies. Part 4 details the interpretations and findings. The overall conclusions can be found in Part 5. Lastly, Part 6 describes the benefits, challenges, and limitations of this analysis.