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Objective: To increase the nutritional value of donations given by donor organizations to the Food Bank based on a Red-Yellow-Green (RYG) scale. Background: Food banks have been planted across the Southeastern Virginia region to help with the prevalent issue of food insecurity. The food bank receives various food donations. The goal, however, is to implement education to the donor organizations to improve the nutritional value of the donations based on the Red-Yellow-Green scale. Participants and Methods: A Quasi-Experimental Before-and-After design across multiple groups will be used. Consistent donor groups will be selected for the intervention and baseline donations will be monitored for a month based on health value. After the first month, the one-week education intervention will be implemented. Donations from the donor organizations will, then, be monitored for an additional month. Finally, the nutritional value of the donations will be assessed based on the RYG scale. Analysis: The data will be analyzed using the central tendency method of descriptive statistics. A paired T-test will determine whether there was a statistical difference pre- and post-intervention, which will infer the impact of nutrition education on the quality of donations presented by the organizations. Results: There is an expected increase in the amount of green donations and decrease in the amount of red donations received by donor organizations. Limitations: Limitations of this study include the trial period, season, convenience of items, selected sample size, and finances.