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This research focuses on the average home computer user’s ability to download, install and manage a virtual machine software program. The findings of this research is to be used as a foundation to the possibility of using a virtual machine software program as another form of defense for the home user’s computer. Virtual machines already have various uses, some in the cybersecurity field; this possibility could add another useful application for the software program. This research is conducted by monitoring volunteers’ ability to download, install, set up, and perform basic instructions on the virtual environment. It was from the volunteers’ experience that I hoped to gain an understanding on if more people could be able to manage a virtual environment. The findings point towards that it is possible for an average home computer user to be able to handle a virtual environment. There are steps that could help the user become more familiar with the virtual environment, but there is an openness demonstrated by the volunteers towards using a virtual machine software program as another layer of their computer cybersecurity.