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Pregnancy is a very physical and mental process during which many women face a wide variety of complications. The influx of hormones that happens during pregnancy has the ability to make pregnant women more susceptible to depression, anxiety and other stress related illnesses. High levels of stress can negatively affect the mother and unborn child and potentially the mother-child relationship. Many women prefer not to take the pharmaceutical route when coping with stress, anxiety and depression while pregnant. As a result, mindfulness practices have been utilized as an alternative method to reduce the negative effects of these complications and lower their prevalence within the pregnant population. As a beneficial coping strategy for pain, anxiety, and stress, mindfulness promotes a better environment for the fetus during the perinatal period. Mindfulness practices have also been found to aid in the delivery process and improve parental self-efficacy due to its positive effects on maternal neuroplasticity and effective use as a stress reduction measure.