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During the summer of 2021, ODU undergraduate computer science students undertook image processing research projects. These projects focused on utilizing the Raspberry Pi computer and camera module to address three real-world problems concerning parking control, classroom seating, and flood monitoring. The parking lot occupancy project aimed to develop a system that monitors the occupancy of parking spaces in a lot and communicates the status of the lot of drivers and the lot attendants. The COVID-19 classroom occupancy project sought to enforce social distancing protocols in a classroom environment by detecting seating violations and notifying the instructor and the impacted students of the violation. Designed for the Hampton Roads community, the flood detection project concerned the development of a vision system, controlled by the Raspberry Pi, that detects the flood levels of a particular location and determines if the flooding is low, moderate, or severe. This paper details the development of these projects and proposes future considerations and recommendations for further undergraduate study and improved real-world functionality.