iPod and Philosophy: iCon of an ePoch

iPod and Philosophy: iCon of an ePoch



The iPod is transforming the lives of millions, changing their relationship to music and to each other. IniPod and Philosophy, 18 philosophers with diverse specialties and points of view bring their expertise to bear on this international cultural phenomenon. They explore such questions as how individuals become defined by their iPods, what the shuffle feature says about the role of randomness in people's lives, and much more.



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Contents: What do we hear when we listen to our iPods? / D. E. Wittkower -- Wittgenstein's iPod, or, the familiar among us / Alf Rehn -- The moment of the blobject has passed / Francis Raven -- Don't delete these memories : the iPod and materiality / Andrew Wells Garnar -- Alive and clicking : reification and the political economy of iPods / Peter D. Schaefer -- Philosophy audiobooks? / Librivox Volunteers -- Philosophy by iPod : wisdom to the people / Scott F. Parker -- Today's cheaters, tomorrow's visionaries : iPods in education / Daniel Sturgis -- iPod therefore I am : Heidegger, homelessness, and the flight from thinking / Craig Condella -- The unbeatable whiteness of the iPod / Jon Austin -- Icon of a generation / Andrew Hickey -- You are your iPod! / Delia Dumitrica -- Listening with the other, listening to the other / Donald L. Turner -- Don't talk to me / Joseph C. Pitt -- Mobile clubbing : iPod, solitude and community / Rudd Kaulingredks and Samantha Warren -- The shins really will change your life / Matthew Dewey -- Quantitative and qualitative change / Ivox Volunteers -- Podcrastination / Regina Arnold -- Is the podcast a public sphere institution? / Marc Lombardo -- The Rhodesian stranger / Socrates, Phaedrus, and Stranger.

iPod and Philosophy: iCon of an ePoch

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